6ixSigma has the capacity to write, direct, film, edit and sometimes even act in any type of video production. Pretty much if it’s a video, we do it!

The First Step


Step 1, the often overlooked but very important process of identifying “why the heck are we making videos!?” This is a question we like to ask all of our clients, often they know that video is important but need some help in finding what will work best for them. By sitting down and getting to know our client’s and their business we can work with them to create an end product that contributes to the goals of the organization. For us, pre-production means script and story development, scheduling, determining the right equipment and shot selection.


Capture Your Story


This is it! Our bread and butter, when we set out to create 6ixSigma this was our focus and it’s what we love to do. For us, videography is so much more than setting up a camera on a tripod and grabbing a few pans; every client we work with deserves a production crew that gives 100% on set, every video we create we set out with that goal. We are constantly updating our gear and our techniques to stay up to date, while maintaining a timeless and professional look.


Snap Some Pics


One of the cool features of some of our cameras is that they are also professional grade DSLR cameras capable of capturing full-resolution images. Whether you just need a couple images for social media, or you want to stay “on-brand” for your multi-platform marketing campaign, we are able to save you time and money without the extra complications of hiring a photographer.


Eye In The Sky


This is a service we are very proud to offer. Drones have given companies the ability to capture stunning aerial video. There are many who offer this service, however, few have taken all the necessary steps to commercially shoot with a drone, SAFELY and LEGALLY. If you have an idea for a drone shoot please let us know, we would love to make it happen!


Make It Better


So we shot all that footage, now what!? Well once we get back to our office and back up your footage on our super secure RAID 10 server we get to work on creating some magic. Thanks to our pre-production we aren’t playing a guessing game, we come into editing with a pretty good idea of the direction we are going to take. Editing can be a time consuming process, and in most cases takes the most time in a video project, but we work within our clients budgets to deliver the most value possible without breaking the bank.


Bring It To Life


This is one area we have focused on in the last year, as we continue to bring more value to our clients. Some of our animated projects include working with local artists to create completely animated pieces, creation of logos and titles that fit within a company’s brand, as well as incorporating animated elements into real-life video. Animation is fun, and offers a great opportunity to differentiate and bring your video to the next level.


Get It Out


This is probably the most important step of video production… making sure people watch the video! We can help to identify your target market and put the video in front of that audience. There are a bunch of platforms you can use to share your video, from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or more traditional forms of media like television. Each platform has its advantages and challenges and we can help you identify the best method for your organization to make sure people see you and your video!


Interested in starting pre-production?

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